December 2019

IT'S THE MOST MONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Besides the fall season, Christmas is my favorite time of the year! Family, christmas parties, food, giving presents (and receiving of course!!!), our Christmas break, but most of all celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We are almost officially on our Christmas Break. Currently we are in Arden, NC working on our new project. We have 11 songs that I think will encourage and uplift. Some brand new songs, one or two familiar, and even a couple old ones! We will let you know when we are close to being done and when it will be available. We have the next couple of days to complete our vocals so please pray for us. Pray for our friend and producer, Jeff Collins from Crossroads Studio, that he will have patience these next two days!!

We want to remind you about a few things coming up.

December 29th
White Oak Church, Gallipolis, OH - 10 AM
Beech Fork Church, Otway, OH - 7 PM
December 31
Going Home FWB, Marion, NC - 10 PM (New Years Eve Service!)

Before I close, I want to say this time of year I'm always reminded of a song that Kyla Rowland wrote probably 20 years ago, "A Gift In  A Manger."  Some of the lyrics are:
He wasn't wrapped in fine array
No brightly colored bows
But lying in a bed of straw wrapped in swaddling clothes
Yet celebration was the theme
There was cause for joy
The brightest gift of hope had come in one small baby boy
They found a gift in a manger in Bethlehem...

I'm glad I, too, found that gift in a manger almost 30 years ago. The most important decision I've ever made was at an altar in Kingsport, TN. That sunday night I found that gift to be the most precious thing God has ever given me. It's a gift that can never and will never be taken away. Our prayer is that you have found this gift. The precious gift of salvation and the gift of eternal life through and by the blood of Jesus!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope we will see you at one of our meetings sometime in 2020!!

Still Blessed,