November 2019

It's FALL!!!! Can you believe it's already November??  So excited to be
moving toward the cooler weather! This and early winter is my favorite
time of the year!! Changing ofthe weather, the leaves, and a perfect time
to cook (and eat) chili and soups! Speaking of cooking, have you picked up
or ordered our new Evidence Cookbook, Simply Homemade??? If you haven't,
you can order it from our website or pick one up when you come see us in
service! I can promise you that you will find some great meals and desserts in
there! However, I can NOT promise you that it's not gonna make you gain
a few pounds!

These last few weeks we have been in some wonderful meetings and services.
We have seen souls saved every week!! What a God!! It's amazing to see God
work in the heart of young and old. He can reach down and touch the young
person struggling with deep personal issues, help an older person who has had
a bitter heart for many years, and touch the most tender hearted child that
has heard the Gospel for the first time. He's faithful to forgive whatever
we bring to Him. No matter how big or how small!!

Back at the beginning of September we were honored to be a part of the Calvin
& Doris Evans Memorial Sing. We got to record a live DVD/CD Combo with some of
our best friends: The Bakers, The Sword Family, Jeff Dickens, Paul James Sound
and the Rubyville Choir. Everyone did awesome and the Lord showed up during the
singing and during the message brought by Brian Baer! We will let you know when
the DVD/CD will be available! (Scroll down to the bottom to see all the pics from this meeting!)

We are excited to announce we will be in the studio next month to record a new
project. We have some great songs picked out. As always, we try to grab a few older
songs and revive them Evidence style! We have some new songs that we are excited
for you to hear! We will keep you up to date!

As always, if we are going to be in your area please come out to see us!
Still Blessed,