October 2017

Greetings from Southern Ohio! As I write this I am sitting in a hotel room in Portsmouth, OH. We are in the middle of revival at Rubyville Community Church with Pastors Dr. Calvin Ray Evans and Brian Baer. It has been an awesome couple of days! God is moving in this meeting! I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in these last two services!

We are gearing up for several camp meetings and revivals for October! The fall is always full of annual meetings in OH, NC, MI, NC and KY! Looking forward to being with all of our friends. We have also been trying to practice some new songs that we are recording this December at Crossroads Studio! We think you are going to like some of the new stuff! We are excited about some of the new songs. A couple might be a little different than you are use to hearing us do but we feel like you will be blessed by them. I have also been in the studio working on another solo project. And to those that are wondering or have questions, NO-I’m not leaving Evidence Ministries. This is just a project that I’ve been wanting to do for quiet some time. A lot of older songs from my childhood mixed with a handful of new ones as well. Not sure when it will be out. I am just taking my time with it.

I have seen God do some marvelous things in my almost four years of traveling with Mike and Teresa. I have seen people saved, lives that have been changed, relationships that were mended and even people healed. What I witnessed the other night in service will forever be etched in my heart and mind.

We were in Huntington, WV at Kellogg Independent Holiness Church Of God for Revival last week. God worked in an unusual way on Wednesday night . While we were singing, I noticed a little boy (around age 9 or 10) sitting on the front row. He was sitting almost directly in front of where I stood to sing. He cried almost the entire time we were up on the stage. When we finished our last song and before Mike came to preach, there was a lady who asked me to sing the song “I’ll Take What’s Left.” As I sung, that little boy continued to cry. It was hard for me to sing because I could not stop looking at that little guy. Mike noticed him as well. When I finished the song, Mike went down in front and stood in front of the boy. Mike asked him if he could give him a hug. Without hesitating, the boy stood and just fell into Mike’s arms. Mike just held him and whispered, “Everything is going to be alright.” What happened next was amazing. When the little boy let go of Mike, he asked the congregation if anyone else needed a hug. Every child, one by one, came down to the front and got a hug from Mike. There were even a few adults that needed a hug that night as well. Needless to say, Mike did not preach that night. I just kept singing and the people kept coming for hugs and to the altar for help from God. By the time the service was over EIGHT people gave their heart to Jesus!

Sometimes, a sermon is not what’s needed. Sometimes, words of wisdom are not needed. Sometimes, a kind word of encouragement and a hug will do. We have all been in a place where we didn’t need to be lectured. We didn’t need an “I told you so” or an “I tell you what I’d do….” We just needed someone to hug us and remind us that its going to be ok. Ephesians 4 reminds us to be kind to one another and be tenderhearted. I pray often that I am sensitive to His sprit and that I can be an encouragement to those that need it. If we just open our eyes and pay attention, He will lead you to the ones who need that extra boost of encouragement. Be a light to someone today! Give them a hug! Tell them Jesus loves and cares for them and that they’re gonna make it!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” Matthew 5:16

Still Blessed,


September 2017

BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! That pretty much sums up the last few months for Evidence Ministries! We have been here, there, and everywhere! We have been in some awesome meetings and seen God work in many different ways. As of this week, we have seen 196 people walk the aisle and give their heart to the Lord. It is always a special time during the service when the heavenly glow shines upon a new babe in Christ!

This time of year is always bitter sweet for me. Although I do enjoy the sunshine, I am looking forward to my favorite time of year! The fall is my absolute favorite season for many reasons! I enjoy the changing color of leaves, the decorations, and the schools back in session. However, the best part is the cooler weather! Some would prefer summer weather year round but I would rather have a hot cup of coffee in my hand on a cool brisk evening. I have to believe that God has prepared for me personally a little place in heaven that has trees with orange, red, and yellow leaves and the temperature set just a few degrees below what everyone else would prefer! And if there’s coffee, it will be even better than Dunkin’ Donuts!!

Looking ahead we are heading back into some familiar territory with annual meetings in Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, and West Virginia. If we are close to your area come see us!

We are gearing up to record a new project in December. We have most of our songs but are still looking for those last few. I want to leave you this month with a few lyrics of one we are recording.

On top of the mountain
The view is worth the climb
On top of the mountain
Victory is mine
There may be moments it looks like
I can’t take another step
But I won’t forget
If I hold to his hand
Once again I’ll Stand
On top of the mountain

Keep looking up and pressing on!!! It’s going to be worth it!!!

Still Blessed,


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