Includes These 8 Sermons

Every Dog Has It's Day

Where Is The Lamb

Seeing Him Who Is Invisible

When The Roll Is Called

When The Lord Shows Up

Cleared For Departure

The Death Of Jesus

I Have A Reservation

Includes These 12 Sermons:

Hen House Ways

The Palm Tree

Precious Things

The Unwrapped Sword

I'll Just Go Ahead And Praise Him

I Got A Ride Coming

The Rapture Of The Church

Inner Braces Of Christian Living

The Day Death Dies

Three Appearings Of Christ

The Strawberry Rose

The Great City

DVD 3 Includes The Sermons:

"The Death Of Jesus"

"I've Got A Reservation"

"Lost & Found"

Includes 6 Sermons

The Study Of Psalms 23

Sermons On DVD

Audio Sermons

DVD 2 ​Includes The Sermons:

"Precious Things"

"Look Who's Here"

"I'll Just Go Ahead And Praise Him"

DVD 1 Includes The Sermons:

"Cleared For Departure"

"Have You Heard"

"Who Is Jesus"